Carpet Cleaning Services Cape Town

For our carpet cleaning services we use the Rotovac power wand, imported to Cape Town from the USA, which employs a process of rotary jet extraction cleaning – a revolutionary breakthrough in carpet cleaning. It will thoroughly deep clean and restore heavily soiled carpets, leaving them 20% drier than conventional wand cleaners.

For dry carpet cleaning: We also employ a dry carpet cleaning application to maintain or refresh carpets. Once we have assessed the condition of your carpets we can immediately recommend the best application for your needs. READ MORE

Upholstery Cleaning

The use of superior chemicals and stain specific spotters combined with a powerful extraction system, will lift the most stubborn of stains and ensure your upholstery is clean and refreshed.

Mattress Sanitizing

Are your beds free of dust mites? Usually not! We use two unique processes:

  1. A UV-C steriliser to effectively kill micro-organisms that live in your mattress.
  2. A process of deep steam cleaning for soiled or pet stained mattresses that also specifically targets dust mites.
  3. Spray matresses, pillows & bedding against bedbugs & dustmites with Bioway. READ MORE

Call Cozis Caret Cleaning Services Cape Town

Flood Damage Extraction

The use of a powerful extraction system which can extract water from potentially “damaged” or water flooded carpets. READ MORE

Tiles and Grout Cleaning

We use the best, high-tech machines and chemicals, with expert advice in Cape Town on hand, to thoroughly clean your floor tiles.